Arrival In Chiang Mai!

by David on October 20, 2009

My international adventure got off to a great start when I was able to make it on to both of my flights.  My friend John Shepard is an airline employee and was kind enough to let me fly using his companion tickets (thanks again John!), which meant that I was flying space available.  We knew that I would be able to get from Seattle to Narita, Japan, in business class no less, but it looked quite likely that I would be staying in Narita for a few days waiting for an available seat. This would not necessarily have been a bad thing, since I would love to see Narita, but I was anxious to get to Thailand.  Fortunately, not only was there a seat available, but I was able to fly business class, which meant that I could lay my seat flat and sleep for a couple of hours, which in turn meant that I didn’t go insane or collapse during the 30 hours between leaving Seattle and checking in at my guest house.

Parami Guesthouse

The picture above is the front of my guest house, the Parami Guest House. It is run by a Swiss man who emigrated to Thailand several years ago. He is both fluent in english and a great resource for local knowledge.

Parami street

This is the view from in front of the guest house looking to the left.

Chiang Mai footbridge

This footbridge leads over the Ping river into central Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Flower Market

Seen to the left of the footbridge when entering the city, this building houses the Chiang Mai flower market on the ground floor, with parking on the levels above.

Chiang Mai building

The city is home to some rather eclectic architecture. The building above is one that I found especially interesting.

Chiang Mai 7-11

Some things are universal.

Chiang Mai Mae Kha Bridge

The top line on this sign identifies this as the Mae Kha* bridge, the bottom line gives the name of the city district: Tha Phae.

Ganja Bags

These were on sale in the Sunday Market.  Given that possession of even a small amount of marijuana can get you sentenced to life in prison, I’m assuming that these are bought only by tourists.  Either that or I need to learn the Thai words for “huge brass balls.”

*Some Thai names are not listed on my city map. I have invented my own spellings based on how the locals pronounce them.  Given that the street names on my map are often spelled differently than they are on the street signs, sometimes even using a different number of words, I don’t feel too bad about this.


Aunt Ruth November 29, 2009 at 13:13

Thank you so much for sharing this! Looks like a beautiful place and I’m so glad you were able to get there without mishap.
It’s also good to know you can get your beer at 7-11 & slip right next door for your internet massage!
Love you!

Nell November 30, 2009 at 11:09

Ooh, this is going to be a fun blog. Depending on how long you are staying, I have a friend reporting for duty at the Embassy in March…

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